The use of Lavolive Shaving Oil is unique
largely due to its greater moisturizing and
razor glide-enabling properties,
and because it does not have
the addition of potentially toxic chemical ingredients.

Lavolive Shaving Oil can also assist
in making the shave smoother and closer and
provide a less irritating shave for users.

And in the process slows down
the skin aging process


Beauty and Health

Practical & Environmentally Friendly


If you have sensitive skin or are looking for a smoother shave, then shaving oil is an essential part of your shaving kit.  Along with a good razor, say goodbye to painful and bad looking razor burn.

Moisturizing and lubricating the skin to be shaved with Lavolive Shaving Oil helps to prevent a painful razor burn. It also lifts and softens the hairs, causing them to swell. This enhances the cutting action and sometimes permits cutting the hairs deeper slightly below the surface of the skin. 


Lavolive Shaving Oil contains natural ingredients that give it its unique qualities. Gabriola Island, where the Lavender is grown, has a strong back-to-nature philosophy and a commitment to reduce our planet's carbon foot print. Olive oil is the main component of our product which is exposed to freshly picked lavender flowers for months until it reaches its ultimate balance with no chemical product added.